August 20, 2013

it Rained Purple

This morning it rained purple. 
So I dressed my little model in her new dress and headband and tied a ribbon around a bunch of flowers, and off we went for a little photo shoot.
It was fun. And cute. And I think I'll have to do it again one day soon, before the flowers are gone.

Dress - made by me
Headband - made by a friend
Flowers - made by God


  1. These photos are so pretty!!! What a photogenic model you have :) That's a gorgeous dress by the way! I wish I could sew...

  2. AWW! DAISY IS SO CUTE! :) You did a beautiful job! And God makes some pretty amazing flowers, eh?? :D Xxxx

  3. wow_you are so talented ! It is such a cute dress !! how long did it take you to make it ?
    Hope you are keeping well !?
    Lots love xx
    Ps : little daisy is a pretty adorable model ;)

  4. Daisy is adorable! I want her!