March 09, 2012

My Mini Card Collection

Happy March! Summer has gone, Autumn has come! Or perhaps, for most of my readers, Winter has gone and Spring has sprung. ;)

Well, I have discovered that I quite enjoy making cards! And I have decided that handmade ones are much nicer and more personal than store-bought ones. I've actually been making cards for quite a few years, but after receiving some gorgeous scrapbooking paper for Christmas and birthday presents combined, I thought I'd get back into it! So over the past couple of months, I have been building up a mini collection of thank-you and birthday cards. Though I find that just as soon as I make them I find somebody to give them to, so at the moment it's safe to say that... my collection is quite reduced in size. :P

Nevertheless, I took photos of them all before sending them away, and this is my mini card collection!