June 11, 2012

Gabriel's Quilt

It has been a looong time since I last posted. Not because of a shortage of sewing, but because of a shortage of, well... time for blogging. Over the past month our family has had sickness to the full extent with about 5 trips to the hospital, 2 of my sisters admitted to hospital, coughs, colds, croup, bronchiolitis.... etc etc. 
Ahh, winter! I do so love winter, but not exactly the sickness that comes with it. :P

 This is Gabriel's quilt; made from 100% cotton Hooty-Hoot fabric for an adorable 12 week old dude called Gabriel. Love that name. :)
Must apologise for the quality of the photos; evidently they were rushed and the colour itself is quite horrific. One day, I hope, my photos will actually look normal *sniff*.
The quilt itself was a rather simple pattern, square-in-a-square, with a patchy sort of border. 
I had to use my imagination for the backing because the piece I had set apart wasn't big enough.

What do you think??


  1. I think its GORGEOUS! Wonderful work! =D
    I also LOVe the new look on this blog! VERY smart! Can't waitttt till July EITHER! =D We must talk soon! <3
    Much love,

  2. Love the quilt, Alice! It's super CUTE!!!!! :)

  3. It is beautiful Alice! Well done!
    I recently made a quilt very similar design to this one made out of music material... quick quilts are soooo fun, hey?!
    We have friends with a little one called Gabriel - lovely name! :)

    Emily and Kate

  4. Aw, it's cute! The owls are nice with the color theme :)

    :D <3