May 12, 2012

A Collection of Children's Apparel

As you know, I'm no expert at sewing clothes, but I can officially sew shorts
Earlier on in the year my cousin asked me if I'd make some pre-school shorts for her son, who had grown out of his old ones. I said I'd give it a go; I did, and they worked!! Yes, I was very, very happy. Not only did they work, but they were quite simple and easy, and remarkably fun to make.

I also made another dress like this one, with just a couple of changes. I gathered the top instead of pleating it; added a tie/straps, some ric-rac, and a zip at the back. 

I have a whole stack of different dresses on my 'To Make' list. So HOPEFULLY I'll be able to show you some more photos soon!

Have a blessed weekend, and remember to spoil your Mama tomorrow! Got any plans? My brother and I are going to make a three course meal for dinner -- it shall be interesting!
Alice xx


  1. Aw, they're ADORABLE! I especially love the Cat in the Hat ones. I have this soft spot for the Cat in the Hat.

  2. They are so cute Alice! Well done!
    shorts are really so simple and yes I agree... fun! I love the material you chose!
    Oh! that dress is so precious! Making little girl dresses is my favourite thing to sew!

  3. Very cute Alice! Love them! Well done... :)

    Kate xxx

  4. BTW, I'm the younger sister of Sarah from Isla Creations, and I'm getting a blog (private one) when I turn 14 in just under a month, and was wondering if you'd like an invite. Just thinking 'cause I read this blog often, you can have the chance to read mine 2. If you could let me know what you think that would be great.

  5. Hey Jemimah! Yes, -- I figured you were Sarah's sister! I'd absolutely *love* to have a look at your blog when you get it-- that would be awesome! When you create an account I can send you an invitation to my private blog too if you'd like! Oh wow - can't wait to read your blog! Thanks dear!
    P.S. I think Sarah has my email address :)

    1. Great! Thanks so much! And I'd love to receive an invite to your as well. You should get an invite to mine around mid June.

  6. These clothes are so amazing. Faith was so very blessed to receive one of these beautiful dresses for her birthday. Faith has outgrown it now-so I have put it away for my next baby girl!