March 09, 2012

My Mini Card Collection

Happy March! Summer has gone, Autumn has come! Or perhaps, for most of my readers, Winter has gone and Spring has sprung. ;)

Well, I have discovered that I quite enjoy making cards! And I have decided that handmade ones are much nicer and more personal than store-bought ones. I've actually been making cards for quite a few years, but after receiving some gorgeous scrapbooking paper for Christmas and birthday presents combined, I thought I'd get back into it! So over the past couple of months, I have been building up a mini collection of thank-you and birthday cards. Though I find that just as soon as I make them I find somebody to give them to, so at the moment it's safe to say that... my collection is quite reduced in size. :P

Nevertheless, I took photos of them all before sending them away, and this is my mini card collection!



  1. Alice-those are beautiful! I especially love the card with the bird and the music.

  2. WOW! These are really pretty! Love 'em. :)

  3. Oh my goodness Alice. You are sooooooo talented in the card making area! They're gorgeous. I really wish I could make cards like that : )

  4. I love them Alice! You are really talented.
    I think my favourite one would have to be the one with the Eiffel Tower on it, it's really lovely.

  5. Oh Alice! they are stunning!
    I love card-making!
    Love Emily Grace

  6. I Recognize one of them:) Thanks again it was beautiful. Rebecca.

  7. I Recognize one of them:) Thanks again it was beautiful. Rebecca.

  8. I recognise a couple of those cards:) There all beautiful.


  9. wowzer!
    these are amazing alice!
    you could sell them!
    eve xoxoxox

  10. Hey Alice,
    Wow they're beautiful!!!
    You should try selling them, I think you would do well.
    I used to sell handmade cards at florists and stuff... If you can find a way to manage your time effiently with your cards (unlike me)you could do really well if you wanted to. :P Well done, God Bless -Bethany.

  11. Nice cards! I really like them. I enjoy making cards to. Thankfully for me, the business I work for sends out Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Congratulation cards to all their employees, and they let me make them as part of my job. =)

  12. Hello Alice,

    All of those cards are beautiful!!!

    My favorite (even though they are all amazing) is the one that says, "Naomi Jane."

    Kianna Rose

  13. Wow! I just found your blog. I enjoy making cards also--yours are lovely. Very Creative.


  14. Allie?! Your cards are AMAZING! (Like you!) Hey! I see a twin of my card! xD
    We must skype soon! =D
    July! <3 Eeep! =D
    Lots of love,

  15. Wow, your cards are absolutely gorgeous! I agree, handmade cards are so much nicer. When I was finishing school last year, two of my friends and I decided to make handmade thank you cards for all of the teachers who had made our time in school so special, and even though it was so time cconsuming when we could have been studying for final exams, it was so worth it when we gave them the finished products. :) Love your blog! And the name Alice Bethany is one of the prettiest names I have ever come across. :)

  16. Those are all so lovely! Beautiful, I wish I could make cards like that!

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  18. Those are the most gorgeous cards I've ever seen!! You're amazing, I love card making too but I don't think I'd ever to such a good job as you've done!! :)