January 14, 2012

the little things // photo challenge

lucia, etc.

Lucia from Lucia, etc. (Formerly Umbrella Girl), is hosting a photo challenge entitled, The Little Things.

So, you might've guessed, I'm entering this photo! 

Fresh, crisp, green apples (and capsicums and lemons...) are something we take for granted in Australia (and America), I believe.

We were washing them in our kitchen sink one day and I thought how colourful and fresh they looked, so I raced for the camera and captured this photo. 

I love photography.

And I love apples. :)



  1. That's a beautiful photo Alice! And I love your new design.

  2. Beautiful photo, Alice!

    I'm entering Lucia's contest as well. :)


  3. Beautiful! I love those apples...they look so good!

    Wow~nice changes around here! :) Now I feel bad about making you pay for a design that isn't even here anymore..haha. :P


  4. I love the photo Alice!
    Very 'fresh and colourful'!

    You are too right, we do take things like fruit and vegie for granted!

    Love the pic!
    Luv, Emily Grace

  5. The photo is very beautiful Alice - isn't God's creation amazing...if people just stop and see it!! I am all a-buzz as one of my little heifers (I call her my pride and joy :)) calved last night! The calf is beautiful. Will send a pic once I have taken one - Sorry about the long comment - just the photo of the apples reminded me to send a photo of my little calf :) !!
    Kate xxx