January 13, 2012

button up + new blog design

Happy New Year, friends!

I trust you all had a merry and blessed Christmas and New Year! 
Christmas in our little corner of the world was a jolly occasion... from yummy roasts to remembering the true meaning of Christmas and all.

 As for me, I've returned to this thing called Blogging. And not only that, as much as I loved the previous design made by lovely Lucia, I thought new year + new blog design = perfectly lovely and suitable.

What do you think? Do you approve of the new design? I would really appreciate your feedback! 
I was fiddling around on Picnik a couple of days back, and thought I'd try my hand at making a blog header with their wide variety of text and 'stickers'. The rest I just edited on the blogger Template Designer. 
Pretty cool, eh?

And now, speaking of buttoning up (hence the title), would you like to?  

There are two to choose from -

one which I made to match my new design,


And the cute one made by Lucia .

Alice’s Place

(Just as a side note, if you take the first button, just delete the silly little .jpg> thing to the side after you've added it to your blog. The button will still work perfectly well, I assure you, it just looks ugly sitting there beside it and no matter how much I tried, I couldn't seem to get rid of it in the HTML code. So please, just delete that unwanted part of the button when you add it to your blog.)



And before I leave, if you do take a button, let me know so I can drop by your blog sometime for a visit and return the favour. :)

Till them, adieus!


  1. I love the new look Alice! Very pretty - must've be fun to fiddle around, you did a great job!
    Would use your cute button to 'button up', but since I don't have a blog, AS YET...... something for me to think about anyway!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!!
    Luv, Emily Grace

  2. Hey Alice,
    this is my first time on your blog since you changed the layout - I like it very much! It is very nice :)
    Lots of Love, Kate xxxx