January 31, 2012

dr seuss quilt

A couple of months ago I told you about my Dr. Seuss quilt which I made in a day... and remember, I said I had some photos coming soon? Well, it's not 'soon' anymore, quite the opposite I believe, but this morning I finally managed to take some photos. :)
I had fun!

(Note - I couldn't decide which photos to upload, so I thought I'd... er, upload them all. I hope you don't mind.)

Dr Seuss and the Fresh Flowers quilt.

The backing. ^^

I made an owl for the friend's baby as well... and I also stitched a Dr Seuss thingy onto a little shirt for him and his big sister. Cute, eh? 

A couple of my sisters glued 'eggs' to a white box and Mum tied these ribbons around it... and the quilt went inside. :) 
Thus, I only got to see my beloved quilt completed for a couple of minutes before handing it over... *sniff*

But, it was worth it. She loved it. :)

January 30, 2012

A Little Dress ♥

You'll be pleased to know that the sun came out for a day last week. But only a day, as the rain came back again the next.

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments you left me on my last couple of posts! 
I love hearing from you and what you have to say! Why, I could even say 'It made my blogging day!'
Thank you :)

While the sun was shining, I took Daisy out for a photo shoot with her new outfit.
Thankfully, she was in a good mood (which is not unusual for her), therefore very cooperative, and all went according to plan. :)

The dress was originally intended for Mary, my youngest sister, but was too wide across the top, 
so Daisy scored herself a new dress! It was a little too short so I sewed some frills onto the tights to go underneath. :)

Well, what do you think? You likey?

I believe, my friends, that I have successfully made a dress that looks like a dress, and not a garbage bag!

January 27, 2012

Seven Lies About Homeschoolers

Now, before your jaws drop to the ground at seeing a video on here that has nothing to do with sewing or craft whatsoever, let me explain.

A friend showed us this video, and, being homeschoolers, thought it was pretty funny. So I thought I'd share it with you, seeing as most of you are homeschoolers too! :)

And that was my explanation.

Just one more thing - please watch it. :) You won't regret it! Unless, of course, you don't have a sense of humour. :P 

And watch it all the way to the end, because that is the best part. [Most of - (not all)] the stuff he says, and the way he says it, is hilarious! :) 


January 25, 2012

plans + a rosey headband

Hello ladies!

Here is last weeks project / thing I made / something to show you. :)

A rosey headband!

It was a little fiddly to make, but it was worth it, I think.

 I'd even like to make some more in the future and perhaps even sell some on here one day. :)

What do you think? Do tell!

It's been torrential rain here today.. at the moment it's so loud, we can hardly hear each other talk! But, as you might know, or might've guessed, rainy weather is the perfect weather... for sewing! I've been happily sewing away during this rain; so far I have an almost-completed-pair-of-shorts and an adorable dress and frilly tights for my sister. And plans to make another dress. And plans to make more shorts. And plans to finish a quilt that should have been finished months ago.
 Plans, plans, plans!

What are your plans for this week? Or should I say, the rest of the week?

January 14, 2012

the little things // photo challenge

lucia, etc.

Lucia from Lucia, etc. (Formerly Umbrella Girl), is hosting a photo challenge entitled, The Little Things.

So, you might've guessed, I'm entering this photo! 

Fresh, crisp, green apples (and capsicums and lemons...) are something we take for granted in Australia (and America), I believe.

We were washing them in our kitchen sink one day and I thought how colourful and fresh they looked, so I raced for the camera and captured this photo. 

I love photography.

And I love apples. :)


January 13, 2012

button up + new blog design

Happy New Year, friends!

I trust you all had a merry and blessed Christmas and New Year! 
Christmas in our little corner of the world was a jolly occasion... from yummy roasts to remembering the true meaning of Christmas and all.

 As for me, I've returned to this thing called Blogging. And not only that, as much as I loved the previous design made by lovely Lucia, I thought new year + new blog design = perfectly lovely and suitable.

What do you think? Do you approve of the new design? I would really appreciate your feedback! 
I was fiddling around on Picnik a couple of days back, and thought I'd try my hand at making a blog header with their wide variety of text and 'stickers'. The rest I just edited on the blogger Template Designer. 
Pretty cool, eh?

And now, speaking of buttoning up (hence the title), would you like to?  

There are two to choose from -

one which I made to match my new design,


And the cute one made by Lucia .

Alice’s Place

(Just as a side note, if you take the first button, just delete the silly little .jpg> thing to the side after you've added it to your blog. The button will still work perfectly well, I assure you, it just looks ugly sitting there beside it and no matter how much I tried, I couldn't seem to get rid of it in the HTML code. So please, just delete that unwanted part of the button when you add it to your blog.)



And before I leave, if you do take a button, let me know so I can drop by your blog sometime for a visit and return the favour. :)

Till them, adieus!