November 14, 2011

Another Sneak Peek...

My quilt is almost finished. Almost, as in, I was nearly finished stippling it when Mum walked in and told me that the friend I was making the {girl} quilt for had had a boy! So I laughed, threw it aside and madly whipped up a Dr Seuss quilt... in a day! Even though I was up until 11 o'clock finishing the stippling, I must admit it was rather fun to make and I'm quite in love with the Dr. Seuss fabric range!
The binding was hastily sewed on in the car while we drove up to the hospital (!), so unfortunately I don't have any proper photos. But. I am going to borrow the quilt off our friend to take some proper pictures for y'all. Hopefully that will be soon!

What do you think??



  1. Aww! Alice! You are so amazing. WOW.

  2. Woo! The awesomest quilt EVER!! bright colors AND Dr. Suess, nice combo ;]
    Make me a mini one?? ;]

  3. Wonderful Alice! and in such short notice too!!
    Such a nice pattern, and the colours are awesome... what a beautiful gift!!
    Love Emily Grace