October 12, 2010

Prairie Style Bonnets

I'm now making Prairie style bonnets! They are available in all sizes from babies up to about 12 years old. They are made in beautiful old-fashioned fabrics. More photos coming soon!!


  1. WOW they're sooooo cute!!! I luuuvvvv them!!!
    Little House on the Prairie right?
    Good on u Alice! Ur amazing=)

  2. Yes, Little House on the Prairie! I've been wanting to make bonnets for soooo long, and the other day I finally found a pattern!! I was soooo excited!! =)

  3. WOWOWOWOWO!!!!!!!!! That's sooo amazing, you're too clever. In fact, I think I shan't write to you anymore - you make me sick! Oh, and that adorable creature underneath is to die for =P

  4. Those bonnets are the most adorable things EVER!!! Almost as gorgeous as the little face underneath, or the beautiful hands that made them!!!

  5. just thought I'd let you know - Jess saw this post/blog and said "why is Alice so amazingly clever? It makes me jealous!"


  6. Alice
    The bonnets are amazing, please add one to my order. Does the model come with the bonnet? She is so cute. I will have one of her as well.

    You are a very clever and enterprising young lady.

    Love you heaps, love Grandma,