October 05, 2010

Bethany Grace Bodycare

My friend Bethany has recently started up a bodycare business - 'Bethany Grace.' She sells handmade natural bodycare.

 To get to her website click Here or to get to her blog click Here.

Be sure to have a look - she's got some great products! I highly recommend the soaps, they are really creamy and smell delicious! 


  1. ultra ultra creamy! hehehehe :-P (Thanx Alice!)
    luv and God blesses, bethany :-)

  2. Round up, round up! Amazing soaps made by an amazing and clever person; genuine products; luscious beyond your wildest imagination! Round up, round up!

  3. And u haven't even tried the moisturizers, or the scrub-or the soaks. Hehehehe:-)